Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What’s on Your Christmas List!

This is a busy time of year with Christmas shoppers checking out who is on their list, wondering what to buy, and how much to spend. Then comes questions about what you might like.  Lots of times the answer is nothing much or you may have big house items that are needed, or sometimes a vacation will be your gift this year.

We have been kind of downsizing for quite a few years now so usually Christmas presents are not a big part of our celebrations anymore.  Getting rid of the really old or not suitable things has been great, like getting rid of the hutch on my buffet and dresser opened up two beautiful walls, one for a mirror and the other for a picture. Getting rid of an old sofa bed let me put a love seat from another room in its place making two rooms look much better. Getting rid of 1980’s sweaters freed up lots of space in my drawers, and cleaning out a basement room gave me my very own yoga room!

Opening up some space is wonderful and it also gives you a chance to breathe, and have the opportunity to fill it with better things, like maybe things for new activities.

When I started Yoga, then Reflexology and Reiki, I needed lots of things to get set up and then adding on the fun extras took me to lots of bookstores, gift shops, rock shops, CD stores etc.

When we started drumming, we visited music stores and even a drum maker.  I hadn’t been in a music store for 25 years, and had never visited someone who actually handmade drums, so the first drum soon had a few friends.   I also went again and bought a guitar to learn.  An open space now displays beautiful instruments that will bring joy and lots of learning for years to come.

New activities create a real opportunity not only to enjoy and learn the activity but to go to different places, see what other people do and offer, be curious, be excited, meet lots of like minded people, and it gives us something new to talk about. 

If you have nothing much on your list, maybe this year you can find a new activity that is interesting to you and then set it up.  This year maybe you can give gifts to yourself to renew or start a new activity that may be about learning, exercising, meeting more people, improving your health, supporting your community, or the gift of simply time to pamper and take care of yourself.

Maybe simple things like new shoes for walking, paints for painting, yoga pants, a song book, a how to book, a relaxation CD, registering for a course, a journal for writing, a new computer program can be on your list, or give a friend an invitation to lunch out or make a movie date for you both to enjoy!

When talking about my book I often use the phrase, Gifts that keep on giving... finding gifts that keep on giving gives us more opportunities to feel, think, and be better, and to then pass on these positive energies to others.  When we really support ourselves and put ourselves on the list things change as one thing leads to another.

And, maybe that one gift will be the one to bring you gifts for a lifetime!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Touch of Saltspring, Christmas Show 2011

I will be there!  Dec 2-4, 2011.

They are advertising 230 crafters and artisans all for your shopping enjoyment.

Show is in North Saanich, more details at

I am really looking forward to being at this great show again, and what's new from me this year is my relaxation CD, Permission to Rest. It has two guided relaxations to help you rest and restore.

                 ...Gifts that keep on giving!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yoga Kula!

I'm going to a Kula next weekend!

The advertisement said Kula means community family, and this will be a yoga community family gathering.  I am so looking forward to it!

The Kula will bring lots of wonderful people together from all different places to meet, share information, practice yoga, and by the end of the day we will become a yoga family.

What a nice day to look forward to, and I was told the studio it's at will make you feel like you're doing yoga in heaven!