Sunday, March 31, 2013

One Rose Wellness Message

"Allow yourself to rest inside
your own breathing space,
a space for dreams, a space
for pauses, a space to be ..."
Dona Anderson, a message from Simply, One Breath At a Time

Monday, March 25, 2013

What Am I Suppose To Do

What Am I Suppose To Do

What a great title for this relaxation in Simply, One Breath At a Time on page 24.

When I first started yoga and listened to the guided relaxations I didn't know much about them and I usually felt more like sleeping than being aware of what was actually being said.  I  wondered what this was all about and how to do it.

Dona Anderson
This relaxation comes from that place of not knowing, not being sure that day of just what to do or how to do it.  It first asks you to find stillness and breathe softly.  Then it says "Sometimes when you hear this you may ask yourself, what am I suppose to do, how do I do that ..."

I asked those same questions so it continues on to say "If this happens, just relax and let your breath take you there, let it be your guide as you soften and breathe..."

We forget how simple this can be.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in other things we can't seem to let go or we want to make it difficult for some reason.  Sometimes we struggle with just letting ourselves take a well deserved few minutes to care for and notice our own self.

The relaxation goes on to bring awareness to and relax different parts of the body, bring awareness to and notice your surroundings, and it continues to guide you to bring awareness to and notice your breath.

What I didn't know at the time I started all this was that even hearing the same relaxation multiple times can bring up different things because each day is different and I am in a different place.  These guided relaxations have given me wonderful gifts and the knowing that the breath is our guide to the rest of our life ... 

Thanks - Simply, One Breath At a Time!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is it in Your Library?

eBook now available

                     Simply, One Breath At a Time 

Is it in your Library? Simply, One Breath At a Time is a wonderful book to bring into your local library or to donate to a wellness centre library or facility to help others.

The gentle and encouraging words within the 65 guided relaxations meditations quickly bring calmness and awareness to your mind, body, and breath.

65 reasons to read, reread, and share with others!
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Pages for you just to be you...

Published in Island Gals, 2012 Volume 2, issue 4

Pages for you just to be you...
Dona Anderson

My previous stories spoke about retirement being a special time to do things that feed your soul and brings you health and happiness. For me, this included challenges and things that both excited and surprised me.  It will continue to be an evolving process to work through while adding that sprinkle of courage on top.

Last issue, I referenced my imaginary life book and filling its pages with lots of good things.   I’d like to share a few lines from a meditation I wrote last year.   I think it sums up how each new day gives us more opportunities, pages to write, and lets us know we’re not done yet.

There are pages left for love, family, and friendship …
             There are pages for learning, listening, and being still …
There are pages to show your compassion, patience, strength, and courage …
There are pages to fill with gratitude, adventures, hopes, and dreams …
There are pages for you just to be you …
            And, there are pages for you to tell us all the things that make your heart light up and sing! “

As I was writing this series of stories I thought about how others I know are using this time, and I thought about those who left us way too early.  I thought about how many of our conversations change to health related topics, pensions, finances, downsizing, or senior centres.  And, then there are those other conversations that are full of excitement about doing things they’ve always wanted to do or at least try, travelling, buying a new boat or vacation home, having fun, and finally spending the savings.  It is also a time to catch up with relatives and old friends, and for meeting and making new friends or relationships.
In yoga we talk about awareness, being present, and how this benefits our lives.  I’d like to introduce you to Tadasana, a pose to honor the mountain.  It is a pose we return to between standing postures that brings us back to creating a strong foundation.  It brings us back into balance with our breath and to feelings of awareness and confidence.

In Tadasana, we stand tall with all our beauty, strength, and power.  We establish a place to let go of what comes at us each day, a place to be grounded, and to connect with our breath while we remain alert and strong.  It’s a place to connect the mind and body as we open up to feel the aliveness within ourselves.  It is a place that reminds us we can always pause between things to find stillness and peace.
Like the mountain, we to have survived what’s come at us through the seasons of our life, and we are always changing.

And like the mountain, we will continue to stand tall with all our beauty, strength, and power … and let our observers,
Wonder, Watch, and Admire!