Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Wellness Messenger - One Heart Beating

One Rose Wellness Message

Dona Anderson

Wishing you a wonderful Day!

When One Rose will do ...

Dona's Dream - help others and send wellness out into the world. 

I picked this message to share with You today.

Messages from Simply, One Breath At a Time

Thank You for sharing this message to help others!

Rest with the breath and feel the

connection with all living souls,
the connection to one world,
one heart beating ...

I feel this when resting in Meditation and it also reminds me of the times I've been at a concert, lecture or for you it might be a sporting event or something similar when everyone is quiet not knowing what to say, or up cheering, crying, singing or laughing.

Something has affected our soul and we're being immersed into this energy that's being shared by you and all the others.

Whatever the place is you feel like you're part of this one world where you're all  connecting as one on some common ground.

Everyone is in this present moment and have left the outside world behind.

We need to treasure those special moments.

Feel their existence and notice how you felt.

It doesn't last long but it is powerful.

You connected on a good/uplifting/inspirational common space whatever it was.

Our world seems to get smaller all the time and the good as well as the bad travels fast and affects all of us.

For a few moments let this message connect you to our One World full of the us's whose heart is beating and Hoping we can all very soon live in PEACE.

Rest with the breath and feel the
connection with all living souls,
the connection to one world,
one heart beating ...


Connect to this post travelling the World. 

Before I closeI know we come together in tragedy as well but I'm hoping we're needing a positive message today to sit with.  Thanks for understanding.

This years Summer of Music starts next week.
Last years in the Archives July/August 2017

Info on One Rose Wellness Cards and other products hereOne Rose Wellness Cards are a set of 105 messages for mini moments of meditation, awareness, inspiration, gratitude or simply a reminder to breathe.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Your Life Is Not About You | Neale Donald Walsch

What's your Life been About

Dona Anderson
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An interesting conversation and take on our life.

I was among a small audience several years ago that heard the interesting
story about his life and how he started writing books.

It was a wonderful relaxing evening listening to him speak.  

We all felt so thankful & LUCKY to have had him
come to our part of the world, and I left wanting to know more. 

This video is not what I expected.

And seeing it now reminds me that it gives us lots to think about if we choose to and there are often little takeaways that we can built upon.  

I love the last part about if we want more of something like joy in our life to help someone else find more in theirs. 

There's a song about that - Make someone happy and you will be happy too.

Take Care.

Here's a lovely video about teachers from the Archives.  

What are some of your favorite speakers you've listened to?

Links for sharing below.  Thanks.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to Meditate - Higher Balance Meditation

Meditation for your Wellness Toolbox

It only requires you to Sit and Breathe...

Dona Anderson
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Most of us resist it but we do Need to RELAX more often.

They say Variety is the Spice of life so I'm sharing this short Guided Meditation Video for you today.  

It's easy - just sitting and breathing for 6 Minutes 37 Seconds. 

Simple - Mute the TV commercial.

Feel your Calm Breath RELAXING your Body & Mind.

Thank You for making yourself a priority and supporting your wellness.

I hope you're feeling more open, soft and relaxed.

This could be another addition to your wellness toolbox.

Take Care...

Wait before you go - What is in your Wellness toolbox?

Way back before I started doing Yoga and all that came later it was lots of walking and doing some exercise videos. 

I also decided to make myself like tea as it seemed to help me when I had a bad headache. 

I wish I had known more back then

Now I have lots of options that I can do but most of all I find that besides the yoga and physical exercise I need, just connecting to my breath consciously throughout the day really helps me be more mindful and changes how I feel.

It Can't get any easier than that!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

You Owe it to Yourself

Bring Sweetness Back into your Life...

Let each breath be welcoming, like a home coming ... 

Dona Anderson

We're connecting with your Heart today.

The guided Relaxation titled Open Hearted, in Simply, One Breath At a Time, starts off by getting you quiet and relaxed with your breath, then moves on to connect your breath and body further into relaxation while feeling that your lungs are massaging your heart, and your breath is softening your whole body and filling it with warmth and comfort. 

Here's how it finishes.

Say to yourself ...

Message from Simply, One Breath At a Time ~ Dona Anderson

"Journey to the center of yourself where you true self, your essence resides ... notice the discoveries you make along the way ... the journey is about the discoveries not the destination ... feel your body as it accepts the wonders of your heart, and the gift of your breath ... 

Spend a few more moments getting to know the wonders along this journey, discover the language of the heart ... feel and discover the language of the breath ..."

Excerpt from the Guided Relaxation,
Open Hearted page 96-97 in 
Simply, One Breath At a Time
© Dona Anderson 2008

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For the love & kindness in Your Heart, we give Thanks.

Take Care.