Sweetness lies inside the

spaces where you free 

your body, mind and spirit to

fully celebrate Life!

Let me take you to soft & safe places through guided Relaxation and Meditation that will help you Reduce Stress, Declutter your Mind, Breathe and Nurture your whole Body. 

Dona's Dream - to help others and send wellness out into the world.

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Love it when I get notes like this - "An amazing collection of Wisdom, Love and Guidance. 
Thank You Dona for sharing your wise and beautiful Self."

Simply, One Breath At a Time

Soft and Nourishing spaces for Total Body Relaxation.

Building the steps to opening the Soul.

Each of the 65 titles is its own Meditation and begins with a guided progressive Relaxation that brings awareness to your breath, body, mind and soul. 

Easy to follow scripts connect you to your breath, body & mind.  Discover words to linger on, thoughts to ponder and explore, visualizations to experience and moments to be only with yourself and your breath. 

This book is a tool to help ourselves and others find a bit of open space to stretch out in ways we may not have done for awhile.

We help ourselves to relax, breathe better and rest awhile. The choice is always yours as you listen, feel and observe.

Later on you may not even know exactly when it invites you to move inside and get to know your inner self, your heart and soul, your I AM.

Whether you use this book for yourself or share it with someone else, you'll experience the gift of giving and receiving, the gift of better health and life.

Wonderful Resource for Yoga teachers, Teacher training, Practitioners, Schools, therapists, coaches, personal & group Meditation, and other Wellness activities. 

Coil bound Paper copy - Direct from author $22.00
for 65 unique titles - only pennies each 

eBook at various Canadian & US book sellers
Chapters/Indigo Balboa Press 

A recent purchaser wrote -  "I love your Book and I know it will be a rich resource when I start teaching. Thank you for the love and effort you put into its making.  I am grateful to own a copy."

Moving Forward from the Heart 

You want to BE part of the real moments in your everyday life.

Easy - Start where you are!

Moving Forward from the Heart offers you 73 easy to use unique meditations to guide, support and inspire your practice and is a companion for life. 

It's full of Gifts to discover, rediscover and share. 

Gentle meditations of Inspiration, Encouragement and Gratitude will connect you with Success!

Feel better with more strength and courage from affirmations and being present.

Explore Chakra, Reiki and other inspirational readings. 

Connect to self care through body and breath awareness, relaxation and guided focused thought. 

Each time you open this book you'll be offered things to hold on to, release or you may even end up changing some things in your life without knowing why. 

This is an empowering collection of meditations for self help, personal growth, mindfulness and to support your everyday living. A rich Resource to support teachers, trainers, coaches, meditation groups and wellness circles. 

Paper copy direct from author $22.00
for 73 unique titles - only pennies per title

A new owner said "there are many books out there on meditation but I would say Moving Forward is one of the best, so readable, so accessible, so uplifting."

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Permission to Rest CD 

                                                        Put out the DO NOT DISTURB sign. 

Enjoy these two gentle guided relaxations from Simply One Breath At a Time recorded by Dona. 

Relaxation for the body, mind, and spirit. 

TRACK 1, this relaxation uses selections from both Forever Free and The Eagle. You begin with breathing, softening, and opening your body, then you are taken to the ocean where gentle words and uplifting melodies will continue to create an inspiring environment for you and your senses to feel, see, smell, hear, and breathe. (approx 30 minutes)

TRACK 2, is music only to continue your relaxation journey (approx 5 minutes).

TRACK 3, is based on the relaxation Permission to Rest. As you give yourself permission to rest, simple words and soothing melodies will guide you to breathe, bring awareness to, and soften throughout your body while you connect and respond to the gentle nurturing of wellness that is found in this progressive relaxation. (approx 30 minutes)

Love this - I got some wonderful feedback recently that a Mom who was given this CD shared it with her 12 yr old son who has autism and he started listening to it at night.  💗 

CD direct from author $12.00  

One Rose Wellness Cards 

Quick & Easy mini Meditations.

We only need to begin with one breath and one message from Simply, One Breath At a Time.  

105 messages invite you to take a mini break from your busy day to find comfort, presence, and connection. Each time is an opportunity to breathe for a few minutes and then continue your day more relaxed and refreshed. 

Each card is approximately 1 1/4 by 3 1/2 inches in size and displays one of 6 different color roses and packaged in various colored organza bags displaying one of the roses. The cards are for everyday use at home, the office, reception areas, wellness groups, or meditation practices. 

Here's one - Give yourself time to be and not do, to listen, to respond...

Try this oneGently let the gift of silence find your peace within...

Sales direct from author $15.00 

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Made in British Columbia, Canada. 

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