Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Harvest Time

Each year we say this was the year of ...

It was hard to pick one this year.

Dona Anderson

Big Thank You to my husband for his amazing garden again this year!  

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August 2016
What was it?

The Apples

The Pears

Spaghetti Squash





More Apples this year than ever before. Boxes picked.

I picked 2 pails of pears from our small tree and that was after removing lots after blossoming and then again later.

Lots of delicious Peppers and Tomatoes being eaten and lots of Tomatoes are spreading out into the neighborhood as usual.

The squash vine was trimmed  as it was taking over and there were already over 20 happily growing. Lots to give away and they keep great in our cold room over the winter.  We cooked some from last year in the late spring and they were great.  The dogs really like it so we put a bit on their supper occasionally.

The beans grew lots but they weren't so good this year.  Hubby will get a different one next year.Yes the dogs also like a bean on supper.

Not too many walla walla onions. They are delicious and always go fast. Last year we had lots so I cooked and froze some for French Onion soup.

Decision Time!

I'm calling it a tie for the 
apples & pears so will call this the year for the  ... 
fruit trees.

My Husband has Visions of an Apple Pie in his future.

Here's another post about food and my husband !

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An old Chinese Proverb says ...
He who plants a garden, plants Happiness

Lots of happy here and another Yes, the dogs like apples too. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Short Indulgence

I can still taste these

Picture of the cherries is from a couple of years ago but
the memory is still there.

Dona Anderson

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       from the pages of 
Moving Forward from the Heart

A few hints about what you'll find in this 2 1/2 page Chakra Meditation

Garden in your dreams

I really enjoy visiting this nurturing garden meditation.

Right from the beginning it shares comfort, nourishment and love.

Dona Anderson, picture for post only.

Begin to visualize a dream garden

Spend time in this garden where every day is a good day.

Soften your eyes and let yourself escape to a place where your inner eyes open 

Let's start with the beautiful Red Roses, breathe in and let their beauty fill your heart

Now - Can you imagine happy shades of Orange ... can you taste something orange

Gradually discover yourself gazing at the Yellow sunflowers confidently waving at you

The yellow dissolves and is replaced by the color Green like the color of grass ... walk over to it and feel its softness underfoot

When you're ready move to the cool colors of blue, indigo and violet.

Look up to the sky for the first color of blue and then walk around to see the lilacs, lavender and violets.

"Relax in this place knowing that you are complete,
you have everything inside you to succeed,
nothing is missing,
You are beautiful"

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More info on Moving Forward from the Heart and other Wellness products here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Air. J.S. Bach Bobby Mcferrin

Do you like great MUSIC ?

You'll want to hear this ... 

Dona Anderson

If you haven't heard about Bobby Mcferrin, 

here's one of many videos to get you started.

I listened to this years ago and was amazed.

Thanks to my husband for playing this recently so I was again

amazed  and thought I'd share it with you.


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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What can 3 Breaths do?

One Rose Wellness Message

Dona Anderson

                                              When One Rose will do ...

                              Dona's Dream - help others and send wellness out into the world.  

Here's a message for you today.

Thank You for sharing this message to help others.

Softly say to yourself, 

As I breathe in,
I bring awareness to my whole body ...
as I breath out,
I feel my body and mind slowing down ...

I have a chalkboard in the kitchen and most of the time it just has the one word SMILE on it.

Visitors to the kitchen say when they see it they automatically smile.

I find the same thing happens when you hear the word BREATHE, we tend to automatically take a breath.

So here goes ...

Focus on your next breath and let it come and go naturally.

With the following breath, bring in more awareness as you breathe in and then feel your whole body releasing as you exhale.

Let's do one more ...

Slowly Breathe In bringing awareness to your whole body 

Slowly Breathe Out feeling your whole body and mind slowing down.

3 Breaths later, how do you feel? 

You did great!

The messages for One Rose Wellness cards are from Simply, One Breath At a Time

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