Tuesday, November 19, 2019

K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

i  WAS missing some MUSIC

Dona Anderson

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There are many great singers and instrumental versions of this song.

Here's one by K.D. Lang.

A song for YOU.



Love the bare feet!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


2 Ex's & an Em ...

and way down is an Update

Dona Anderson
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Please keep going - a long post but you won't
be sorry you made it to the end.

Explore      Experience      Embrace

From - Moving Forward from the Heart

Sweetness lies inside the spaces where you
free your body, mind and spirit 
to fully celebrate

Many things make their way in my head when I'm laying awake during the night and unfortunately I don't remember most of them when it's finally time to wake up, or just get out of bed.

Anyway, I'd like to tell you a bit more about my book, Moving Forward from the Heart. and I've shared a bit of the beginning and the ending of later in this post.  You'll love it.

When I finished my first book, Simply, One Breath At a Time I still had more of those thoughts during the night, pages of notes saved and over the next year couldn't stop seeing things that said to me OH that would be good and this goes with that and...on and on.  

Needless to say the letting go of one book didn't send me towards feelings of that's done - I can rest now - but rather it left me with still more on paper and in my head.

On the back cover of Simply, I started it off with Dona's first book of guided relaxations offers... I had to write something in a hurry to send off and we were traveling across country. 

It was 2008, far away from home at the time and internet connections were not everywhere we were. 

It didn't hit me until much later that I asked my self, why did I say that? 

Somehow the universe had a plan

More was to come

I just didn't know it at the time.

In 2010 I started looking at my leftover notes and made a word file titled book 2011, just a time off in the future.

Well it was mid year 2015 when I finally said I'm done, but I still didn't have the title. A few earlier ideas didn't work and it took awhile before I got it. 

73 new Meditations full of things for us to Explore, Experience and Embrace.

In this post I'm going to share a bit of the first Meditation and then the last, number 73.

In between there is so much to 
Explore, Experience and Embrace.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in these 73 unique Meditations 

- Explore the Chakras, Reiki principles, Life, who you are now & affirmations.

- Experience nature, being at the top of a tree, a visit to the ocean, visualizations, treasures, moving the breath and much more. 

- Embrace your family, friends, hugs & most of all yourself. 

Our Lives change, we change and through all the changes we may not realize who we are or want to be Now.

So this book offers you many unique and gentle meditations of Inspiration, Encouragement, Presence and Gratitude. 

Here is a sampling from the beginning of  #1 - So Much More to See

"Whether your meditation practice is just getting started or it is an ongoing regular practice, it is there for you to simply breathe, nourish and restore.

Meditation is a special time for you to soften and release stress, move out old thoughts that clutter your mind, and to then use the space that remains for mindful presence.

Meditation connects you to your body for healing, rejuvenation and to create balance.  It opens the mind up to learning and understanding, to listening and dreaming, to reducing and eliminating."

There's more but now I want to include the ending of the last meditation #73, You Became the Beauty.  

If you have some time, think about all the things that could be between #1 that would lead you to #73.

Here it is ... 
© 2015 Dona Anderson

"You became the breath,
the breath became you

You became the difference, 
the difference became you

You became the knowing,
the knowing became you

You became the wisdom,
the wisdom became you

You became the beauty,
the beauty became you

You became the very best,
the very best
became YOU ..."

Thanks for your visit.

Link to Resources - So much more to see ...

I love checking out where my visitors to this blog are from. Sometimes I even have to Google the country to find out where it is.

From an earlier post - Is your home on this list?


More Since that list - Welcome to ...

Quartar, Estonia, Uganda, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Pakistan, Brunei, Costa Rica, Latvia, Nigeria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Caribbean, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Oman, Luxembourg, Morocco, Algeria.

Thank You so much 

I'd like to show you some words 
from others that help fill & 
nourish my Heart & Soul ...

Thank You to my Wellwishers 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

SOMEWHERE Special along the JOURNEY

Not sure where

Dona Anderson

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We are nearing the End of another year and it seems to be that time of Reflection again on what we did, when we laughed, what we learned and the changes if any that happened.

Some of it may be wonderful, some not so.

I know I'm bad for change and just figuring out new appliances in the summer was  frustrating. 

But we get through it and move on to be thankful for all the good and see what we can learn from the rest.

I chose this picture for it being beautiful, powerful energy that goes on and on.  I remember taking it years ago but not exactly where it was.

A stop along the road,  part of our travels, somewhere along our journey of life.

You can't just be a visitor to being there, seeing this place where nature rules and not have felt it.

You felt it ...

The mist in the air, the sound of the falls, the knowing it is doing what it's suppose to do.

It leaves behind something deep inside, in those places where you know there is so much more to our Earth, Life and how we choose to be part of it.

The important part - how we choose to be part of it.

Thank you for being here today...

In case you Missed it

If you missed the 3 posts on What is Wellness
here's a more recent post where I shared links
to all 3.

I found that in getting to know more about what Wellness is,
we can learn more about how to protect it.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Keep going towards Your Dream

Dona Anderson

Direct to You from Me, the Author.

Gifts for a Lifetime!

It's that time of year to start the wish lists.

Breathe Easy 
No ending to these resources. 

Lots of Help to Relax & be your best self.

Opportunities for new thinking and adventures

Feel Joy, Freedom, Presence

Easy ways to make You part of your day

Want more info
Visit the Resources Page
Visit the Wellwishers Page
Visit the Answers Page

I'm here to HELP.

Also eBook is available anytime for Simply, One Breath At a Time - check the Resources page & get the eBook no Shipping - or Waiting!

New posts coming each week.

I wish I had these resources earlier in my Life.

Connect to more posts using the labels below
Simply, Moving Forward, One Rose Cards

A One Rose message for you.

The breath gives us choice and
 strength, courage and confidence,
 calmness and  healing ...

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

True Treasures

 What's That?

Dona Anderson

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A new idea

In 2009 I started work on what later became my card set from Simply, One Breath At a Time  called One Rose Wellness Cards.

They're 105 short messages for mini meditations, a time to catch your breath, relax, change thoughts, smile and so on.

Recently I thought about finding passages a bit longer and sharing them with you occasionally.

I've shared these before but now I like the idea that they will be referred to as True Treasures in the labels below.

So anytime you see True Treasures in the label area you can check out other similar posts.

They'll be offering you more time to pause, linger for self care, reflection, gratitude, breath awareness and more. 

I always flip through the pages of my books and what I need is usually where I stop. 

After a few lines I'm transported to a place to open my body, connect with my breath, let go of stress or to a place or memory.

Another day it might be feeling free in peace, nature, or just being reminded to take care of me, that I deserve to feel Well.

I'll be using excerpts from both books and I'll tell you in the post which book it's from and the page number.

I just happened to have made a photo message of this one. (I love adding text to photos)

It is from Meditation #39 - Will You Go,
page 99 in Moving Forward from the Heart

If you have this book look it up to see the rest of the meditation.

Visit the Resources Page

Please Share the GOOD Stuff,
You never know who it may help.

Take Care.

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**Use the label below True Treasures to link to
other similar posts. (already a couple there)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Starts with ...

"Let me sit for awhile in this

place where the sun is warm

 and roses bloom ..."

Dona Anderson

I was outside one beautiful day in late July and decided that the colors of the flowers and vegetables in the yard that were so lovely would be my pick for the Winner of the Garden this year.

Have a look back at this post from May about the garden picks for previous years.

Later as I sat on the deck the Meditation titled Garden in your Dreams, page 63 from my book Moving forward from the Heart started to appear in my mind.

It's about a special garden and although I didn't refer to it as a Chakra Meditation in the book, it goes through all the colors of the chakra rainbow.  

The second paragraph says

"As each breath gently fills and opens your senses, begin to visualize a dream garden full of flowers, vegetables, fruit, trees, soft grass and a pond. Birds come to visit, good friends come to visit, and it's here that every day is a really good day.

It then takes you around the yard to connect to all the different colors, to see, smell & taste some and to rest and connect to others.

That's what I was doing that day.

Relaxing in a garden full of happiness and renewal

A place for friendships and memories

A place where you can dream,

and let everything else gently fade away.

Here's some of what I got to see 

Red - petunias, gladiolas, geraniums, roses, berries, pears, beets, tomatoes, peppers
Orange - gladiolas, nasturtiums, lilies, other flowers, carrots, peppers
Yellow - sun flowers, squash, roses, other flowers, beans, peppers 
Green- grass, leaves, lettuce, cucumbers, beans, peppers, basil, herbs
Blue - sky, other flowers, pond, Hydrangeas, pansies
Indigo - Hydrangeas, pansies, lavender, other flowers, berries, gladiolas 
Violet- Hydrangea (I have 6 of them) dahlias, roses, other flowers

Besides the seeing - there was definitely a lot
of tasting going on.  
Sorry - 
I don't remember the 
names of the other
flowers from the
garden center.

What's your garden about?

Have a wonderful day and please
visit again soon.

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Excerpts from Moving Forward from the Heart © 2015

Thank you for sharing -
together we're spreading
Wellness around the World. 💚

New posts every Tuesday.

I wonder what will be the winner next year ??

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Benjamin Manea’s ‘Beyond Sourdough’ lecture.

Celebrating the GivingThanks

together this time of Year.

Dona Anderson

Thanks to the gardens and gardeners
the crops and the farmers
the Bakers, markets and more ...

in this video I want to introduce you to a Baker.

I mean a real Baker - who learned the art and science of bread and more that feeds the soul.

Benjamin Manea  March 9, 1957 to June 15 2019.

New business owners, those not sure yet what to do, those you want to make a difference, just starting out or whatever your Dream is - you will find some words of inspiration.  

Even if you're not building a business or not looking for a reason to watch this, you may find something that lights a tiny spark in your Soul.

The video tells his story of becoming a baker and not just any baker as you'll hear and learn about.

You can watch the video on You Tube and click on the Show More for a link to more information and photos on Facebook. (warning they may make you Hungry)

We had the privilege to go to his bakery/cafe many times when we visited Penticton and fell in love with his food and Jewish rye bread. 

He had a list of special dishes for his lunch menu and my husband went for the pastrami sandwich that had little dishes of things to go with it, and borscht soup which were the best he ever had. 

Unfortunately he later learned he couldn't have both at one lunch.

I loved the quiche and the Greek salad.  Not only for the wonderful ingredients but also the artistry that was in every dish he served.

Best Part - there was NO take out - you sat, relaxed and waited until it was ready - your order made just for you and presented perfectly.  

Delicious food to soothe your Heart & Soul. 

Food made as it should be, &

  with Love 

Many Thanks to you Ben 💚

You reminded us about how the right ingredients
 still needs the right amount of time
to become perfect.

Links for sharing below.  
Take Care  &
Thanks for your visit. 

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Here's a link to an earlier post of Thanks.

I'd also like to add this one in here.  I'm sure it will remind you of a past memory of someone.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

WELLNESS COMBO - How did you Score ?

Figuring it out ...

Dona Anderson
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I shared these 3 Wellness posts below with you in the spring. 

Link to Part 1, What does Wellness Mean
and part 2 & 3 take a look at 8 types.

It's good to review our life periodically as we often live in a kind of auto pilot mode and don't notice little changes that can add up.

While working on these 3 posts I found and signed up for a free online Wellness Master Class provided by Brendon Burchard.

loved it.

It was eye opening in many ways and the course went much deeper than the information I've shared in the posts above but these are a good starter to get us going and thinking.

He also had a few different words as headings for the self assessment in his training so the answers could be a bit different as well.

It's beginning to feel like the title of the Song - We've only just Begun.

What I especially liked in his course was how he presents it so that it all makes sense, feels honest and genuine for whoever you are and whatever your goals and life plans are about.

In the months that followed I've been reviewing my notes and other information I gathered.

Here's some of it.

To say the least, it has been a good experience and time for getting to know myself better in this Now time of life.

Brendon used words for things that can make or break our wellness like our Environment, Intentions, Clarity, Neglect, Dissatisfaction and more.

He went on the ask - are you Happy?

Telling us we need a Plan and to use Reminders.

It's good that you can write something and then delete it all because that's what I had to several times here.  
         Here's why -

I used to live by plans, a spreadsheet and reminders but over the years let some of it slide.

Funny how as you get older you think you don't need to wear a watch, check the calendar (ok yes now you can do all that on your phone) and then a year or two goes by and you look back and ask yourself - what did I do with the last year.

So I connected again to the mantra, Start Living from this post & Summer of Music song, My List.

While doing Brendon's self assessment I noticed my scoring on the a couple of areas was a bit low.

What's that about?

I first wrote about what I thought the reason was and then in looking at this again,

it was all wrong.

Here's what it really was -

First - missing several friends from their passing over our time here, and others moved out of the area in the last few years.

This connected me to most of what was missing - the visits, fun activities, adventures, conversations and lots of going out or home cooked meals together.

Then I connected to us not having our little motor home any more so more loss of adventures - the winter trips south, family visits, other trips and all the people you visit and meet.

Also a couple of years back My leg really bothered me for about a year. Then we lost of our West Highland White Terrier (Westie) girl Chloe. 

These 2 both put me in a kind of slump and getting out and walks didn't seem so fun anymore.

It's funny how a few changes over the years slowly start to add up and your whole world gradually & quietly becomes a different place.

Now that I know more about what to focus my attention on I'll be more mindful of how my days look and make plans that help me fill in the spaces.

It won't look like it did in the past.

But it can still be - Happy.

We have to keep being part of our Life as it changes ...

I'm very Grateful to those who provide all the online series to help us learn more about Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, our Brain, Wellness and lots more.

New - We were lucky and got another Westie Girl in the summer.

She (Kelsie) was having to be re homed and the breeder called to see if we'd want her -  YES and she's staying.

We don't know much about her first 5 years but she's happy and doing well with her new sister our Scottie girl Lucy.

that's it for today, Take Care.

Links for sharing and commenting below.

Together we're spreading Wellness around the World.

Thanks for your visit, 

💚  Let's keep putting wellness activities on our
 Calendar to give ourselves wonderful things to 
look forward to, even if it's just a hair cut.

(I always feel better after a hair cut)

Hi, it's Oct 6 now and I want to add to this 
post that the other night when not sleeping I felt a
connection to this earlier Sep 10 Ted Talk post
and the story I shared in this one.

New post next week.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Invest In YOU - it only takes a few Moments

MY breath

Here we Go

I love this little Poem titled MY Breath.

It was Fun Fun Fun to figure out and it helps us connect to our body and breath.


Moving Forward from the Heart - 
Meditation #70


"Whisper to yourself,

I let my breath touch
the tip of my nose, and the tips of each one of my toes.

I let my breath touch the tips of my fingers
and in the spaces between, it lingers.

I let my breath touch the back of my ears,
and it feels the softness of my tears.

I let my breath touch the back of my knees,
and all the organs inside me that are under a bit
of a squeeze.

I let my breath touch the bottom of my chin,
and all the hidden places on my skin.

I let my breath touch my soft belly parts,
and especially the soft spots in my heart.

I let my breath touch all those places
inside me that smile,
and it will change
those places that don't in awhile."

© 2015 Dona Anderson
Check out these great Wellness Resources

This is one of the 73 Meditations offered in
Moving Forward from the Heart.

Start where you are!

Gentle meditations of Inspiration, Encouragement and Gratitude 

will connect you with Success.

I hope you will help share this everyday wellness resource
with others at the links below.

With your Help - We continue to Travel the World.

Thanks and have wonderful day.

This time a little Poem for your Wellness Toolbox!

Dona Anderson
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

What do you get when you mix Grass & Words

This ...

Dona Anderson

I can't lie,

I didn't know what I was doing.

I said to myself ...

Why do I need to take a picture of GRASS?

Then one day I looked at it and saw a soft 
place for Words to visit & rest.

So, I started flipping through the pages of Simply, One Breath At a Time and a few minutes later I had enough good words the fill the picture.

And YES, there is one word that doesn't match the set up of the rest.

See if you can find it.

Now, I have a 

Garden of good Words.

and they're earthing!

Check out the Update
a bit further down.

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Update from an earlier post about our garden.

In that post I said I'd let you know what won my vote for best from the garden this year.

Well I decided back in July it was all the beautiful colors of the rainbow I got to enjoy from the flowers and vegetables.

Can't wait to share with you a post I wrote telling you more and it'll be published on October 15th

What's your garden about?

Thanks for your Visit today and please come again.

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Take Care and have a wonderful week ahead.

Mom - I'm Earthing too.